From Where I Sit (Observation #6)

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Inspirational
  • If you look in the hair-care section in many stores, you’ll find a shampoo called “Mane ‘n Tail.” The product was supposedly developed for horses, and horse trainers started using it on themselves and liked it. Really? This seemed like a good idea to someone? They were shampooing a horse’s tail and thought… “hmm, I wonder how this would work on my hair?” When is Eukanuba coming out with their “food for the masters” line? Most importantly, though, this leads me to a difficult conundrum: I have been called a “horse’s tail” many times over the years. I have usually felt somewhat offended. Should I, instead have been complimented that I was having a good hair day? If so, and if I owe any of you an apology for misunderstanding your compliment… I am sorry.

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